Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm An AAPL Bull, So The Following Isn't That Surprising...

I have found AAPL to be an exciting company; which is why I am thinking that the launch of the Apple i-phone from CHU at the end of the month will be huge and spur buying.

Which is why I am thinking that when Apple opens its store in the Louvre next month, you are going to see a new wave of buying.

Which is why I think when we see holiday sales for all the new Macs, you are going to see a bump in the stock price.

Which is why, when we see the new accounting that Apple said it would adopt, you are going to see people go to my $13 earnings per share number.

Which is why this is still the best story out there.

Is it too late to buy? If you bought it yesterday, look at all of the points you could have made as the stock was pressed down by the Galleon wind-down and related selling by hedge funds that think they may be under investigation.

Apple is a story of invention and manufacturing and customer service and excitement.

It is a 30% grower. Give it a 30x multiple on that $13 EPS number and you can see why I am so excited...

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